Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Ketika Cinta Bertasbih

Actually it was a novel but was split into two parts/novels (the story was quite long). It is definitely not a typical novel that guys often read but since I've read his first novel Ayat Ayat Cinta (AAC), I liked the author's way of telling a story and the lessons he instilled in the storyline that he crafted. So last year when I heard he has another novel that just got published, I went to the bookstore to buy it. Sadly it was in Indonesian language. Although I know for certain I can understand Indonesian language, I still prefer to read the Malay version. This was based on my experience of reading AAC in both languages.

So I waited for a while hoping that the book will be "translated" into Malay. Now that the Malay version was out, I asked a friend of mine to buy me a copy and thankfully I got it last Saturday (mekasih yer!). Within 48 hours of receiving the novels, I managed to finish reading both of them (an accomplishment I had never ever achieved with my academic text books.. yeay for me ^_^ ).

Although it seems weird for a guy to read such novel, for me, as long as I know what kind of messages the author tries to convey, I do not care what people will say (but no, I will not read novels by Ahadiat Akashah or any other jiwang karat tahap gaban novel yang tak membawa mesej apa apa - for example TWILIGHT haha..). AAC for me proved that reading "love novels" can also be beneficial. One of the messages that AAC tried to convey (or at least what I thought it tried to bring forth) was that love/relationship that is built in accordance to Sunnah and Syariah is more interesting and will be blessed. Nowadays, we are so exposed with the way of life that has been glamorized by Hollywood with all the datings, hooking ups, partying, holding hands, kissings and so many more that might have made our mind to think "Ah that is what we should do while we are finding partners in life". Reading AAC is a change from all of that. It managed to portray what life in accordance to Islam and how beautiful the process of finding spouses in our deen actually is.

Now after reading the 2 novels, I think that AAC is way better. His second installment isn't as good as the first one. I am not trying to be a novel reviewer here but in my opinion, in this novel, the author introduced quite a number of characters and he did not develop all of the characters fully. The novel was split into 2 parts. The first part/book revolves around the life of the main character while he is in Egypt and the second part is about his life when he went back to Indonesia. Some characters that were introduced in the first part appeared in the second part but some are gone with the wind (nah, I have no idea where they went to). The story showed the main character, Azzam as a very hardworking guy with principles and all the struggle he went through to find his partner in life. With so many failed attempts, rejection and problems, he eventually managed to meet his wife (yeay, a happy ending for the protagonist.. ahaha). I also noticed that there are some weak points and scene that I have no idea what was the purpose he put it in there. It left me hanging with questions.

Also, at the end of reading the novel, I am left wondering as to what had happened to some of the characters especially the characters introduced in the first part. I guess this is bound to happen if you introduce too many characters in a story. You will not have enough time to develop and put personalities in all of them.

Contrary to KCB, AAC was more focused on the life of a single protagonist called Fahri and everything revolves around Fahri's life and that for me is a bit better than changing the focus of the story to portray what each character feels like what he has done in KCB. Even so, the messages in the novel were quite okay and I think I found some useful lessons that might be applicable in my life.

Not sure what else I could write about the novel (I know there are tons to write about it but I doubt my ability to describe the novel further than what I have described above). So for everyone out there, if you like AAC, you *might* like KCB. For me, I like it but slightly less than AAC. Buy a copy and read it for yourself.

Okay now, have to get back to reality and continue doing my project. Most likely I will be away for a month (have to really focus on my project this time) which means there will not be much entries from me until Raya.

by:Fatin Shahira

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